2023/2024 NFL season predictions: Rappin Sports with Jaxx

The start of the 2023/2024 NFL season is just two days away, which means it’s time to make some predictions. 

One thing I’ve noticed while making NFL predictions over the years is that half the reason people love reading predictions is so that they can throw them back in your face at the end of the season

AFC East
1:Buffalo Bills
2:New York Jets
3:New England Patriots
4:Miami Dolphins

AFC North
1:Cincinnati Bengals
2:Baltimore Ravens
3:Pittsburgh Steelers
4:Cleveland Browns

AFC South
1:Tennessee Titans
2:Jacksonville Jaguars
3:Houston Texans
4:Indianapolis Colts

AFC West
1:Kansas City Chief:
2:Los Angeles Chargers
3:Las Vegas Raiders
4:Denver Broncos


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NFC East
1:Dallas Cowboys
2:Philadelphia Eagles
3:New York Giants
4:Washington Commanders

NFC North
1:Minnesota Vikings
2:Detroit Lions
3:Green Bay Packers
4:Chicago Bears

NFC South
1:Carolina Panthers
2:New Orleans Saints
3:Atlanta Falcons
4:Tampa Bay Buccaneers


1:San Francisco 49ers
2:Arizona Cardinals
3:Seattle Seahawks
4:Los Angeles Rams

AFC Playoffs

  1. Bengals def.
  2. Jaguars
  3. Jets def.
  4. Patriots
  5. Bills def.
  6. Titans def.
  7. Jets def.
  8. Bengals
  9. Chiefs def.
  10. Bills
  11. Chiefs def.
  12. Jets

NFC Playoffs

  1. Cowboys def.
  2. Panthers
  3. Eagles def.
  4. Lions
  5. Vikings def.
  6. Eagles
  7. Cowboys def.
  8. 49ers

3,Vikings def.


  1. Chiefs def.
  2. Vikings

Super Bowl

Chiefs def.



Season MVP:

Patrick Mahomes

Super Bowl MVP:

Patrick Mahomes,KC

Defensive POTY:

Sauce Gardner, SF

Offensive ROY:

Garrett Wilson, NYJ

Defensive ROY:

Jordan Davis, PHI

Coach of the Year:

Robert Saleh NYJ

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